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Fast Food Cheat-Sheet

It's best to always try to have your meals cooked and kept with you at all times.. but if you run into a situation that you need to eat on-the-go here are a few fast food options that won't break your diet!


Starbucks- reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich or oatmeal with 2 egg bites

Einstein Bagels- egg white thin bagel sandwich turkey

Corner Bakery- Farmer’s scramble

Chic-fil-a- Egg white grill

McDonald's - Egg McMuffin

Dunkin Donuts - wake up wrap


Chic-fil-a- Chargrilled chicken salad or Grilled chicken cool wrap

Einstein Bagels- chipotle chicken

Subway- whole wheat sandwich with chicken breast and veggies

Chipotle- chicken bowl with brown rice veggies and light guacamole

Panda Express- grilled chicken with brown rice and veggies

Wendy's - grilled chicken wrap

Taco Bell - grilled steak soft taco

Hardee's - Low carb charbroiled BBQ chicken sandwich

Whataburger - chicken fajita taco

Moo-yah - create your own burger on wheat bun with turkey burger

Don Carbon - Fit Bowl


If you are wanting to lose weight it's important to remember that you shouldn't have heavy carbs at night because carbs are energy and you don't need any more energy when you're going to sleep - your body will also have a harder time burning off the energy because you're not moving.

Subway-Double chicken chopped Salad

Chic-fil-a- Chargrilled chicken salad or grilled nuggets

Chipotle- chicken salad bowl with bell peppers, beans and tomatoes No Rice or guac or sour cream

Arby's - Roast Turkey Farmhouse salad

Jack in the box - Grilled chicken salad

Panda Express - Broccoli and Beef

Don Carbon - chicken fajita salad

If you're out to eat at a nice restaurant- Pick a protein option like chicken, fish, steak etc. Do Not order CARBS only VEGGIES!

If you have another suggestion of a restaurant you think should be listed let me know! I'd love to hear from you and share the info!! <3 Lizzie

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