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Leg Workout

On TikTok I'm going to start putting out content where you can get full workouts like you are online training with me here on my blog! Here's from the recent post:

Day 1-Leg Day

Set 1- 4 Rounds

-20 Sumo Squats toes out with heavy kettlebell

-15 Hip Thrusts with shoulders on bench, feet on floor, 25 lb plate on quads

Set 2- 4 Rounds

-10 each leg curtsy lunges holding dumbbells

-10 each alternating forward lunges holding dumbbells (20 total)

Set 3- 4 Rounds

-20 abductor outer thigh machine

-20 adductor inner thigh machine

-10/10 cable kickbacks

Set 4- 4 Rounds

-15 lying hamstring curls

-15 seated hamstring curls

-15 deadlifts with dumbbells

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