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Should women lift heavy?

“I’ll just stick to these pink light weights so I don’t get big and bulky”

Has this ever been your thoughts when training as a girl??

If so, you may want to rethink keeping it light after reading these few facts about lifting heavy...

1️⃣Testosterone is the magic ingredient to get big and bulky. A woman just does not have enough testosterone to make them bulk up like a man does. It’s science - Men have higher testosterone levels than women, and women have higher estrogen levels than men. This fact alone should calm a lot of your fears of getting manly as testosterone is the main muscle-building hormone in the body. Female bodybuilders that are huge purposely inject more testosterone so they can get that huge.

2️⃣If you’re worried about looking like a female body builder, it’s important to remember that your diet has so much to do with it. Bodybuilding women who want to bulk up and get “big” have to consume a massive amount of calories to purposely gain weight. Proper weight training combined with a diet of calories in versus calories out will result in the fat loss and the defined sculpting of the muscle. In order for weight training to really bulk you up, you’d have to force feed extra protein, eat excessive calories daily, add supplementation, AND lift heavy weights on a regular basis.

For example, I am currently trying to put on size and I’m eating an 2,600 calorie diet right now and lifting heavy and I’m STILL having a hard time gaining muscle. 💪🏻🥺

3️⃣ Another reason why you don’t need to worry about getting big is that weight lifting actually increases your metabolism - meaning that you will burn more calories throughout the day when you lift weights. This is because lifting weights creates tiny tears throughout your muscles,so then your body will burn a greater number of calories post-workout to repair itself. More cal burn = means less body fat for you.

💪🏻So don’t be afraid to lift heavy ladies! And it’s not just about your physical appearance, being strong makes you feel more confident in everything you do - whether it’s being a mom and you're able to carry your child no problem, or if your working in the office and you don’t need help from a man to lift a heavy box! Getting stronger just makes you feel better as a whole!


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