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Skincare for Fit Girls

I get a lot of questions via Instagram and snapchat about skincare while working out all the time... and if you follow my journey you’ll know I’ve posted about my long and tiresome clear skin journey. I’ve suffered from genetic acne since I can remember. I remember begging my mom to let me wear makeup in 6th grade to cover up my pimples. It’s always been my biggest insecurity.. and I’m FINALLY happy to announce I am ACNE-FREE!! I had tried everything under the sun until I finally caved and went on acutane with a dermatologist. I was scared because I had heard about the horrible side effects but to be honest it wasn’t that bad for me! I started by moisturizing a ton a month before I started acutane and during. I found this amazing lotion that is light, not oily and moisturizes without feeling sticky but it's only availabe in Mexico...

If you can't get this lotion Cerave is another great option...

Anyways I went through the 6 months of monthly check-ups and pregnancy tests and came out acne free! Now I am more free to use different products on my skin but I still follow the very important rules of skincare while working out constantly: #1 - NEVER workout with makeup on. I don’t care if you want to look cute for your Instagram videos it’s not worth clogging your pores with sweat and makeup. A little trick I found is to get eyelash extensions so that you always look like you have makeup on without needing to do anything! I got mine done at Uptown Brow in Sunland Park Mall and it’s SO convenient! #2 - Wash your face immediately after sweating. I use a light wash with no chemicals or scents called Cetaphil.

I also started using twice a week a scrub/face mask from Fré Skincare. This is specifically made for skin that’s constantly sweating and it detoxes your skin feeling nice and fresh!

Available at use code LIZZIEM25 to receive 25% off!

#3 - Wear a thick headband during cardio to keep sweat from coming down from your hair and onto your face and eyes. Lululemon has really great sweat wicking thick bands. #4 - I use a very light primer and powder for makeup during the day that has great coverage and is good for sensitive skin. Sometimes I still sweat during the day because I’m training clients but I never feel like it’s clogging my pores. The primer is by ZO skin and is tinted with sunscreen so it’s a great all-in-one product.

The powder is Jane Iredale. I Love it!

#5 - I get monthly facials to remove dead skin cells from sitting on top of the skin. I love getting the hydrafacials from SouthWest Plastic Surgery! #6 - A lot of fitness people drink protein whey protein shakes daily and if you’re not acne prone it is a great way to get your protein intake but unfortunately it can flare up acne if you’re prone to it. I will drink one every once and a while like once a week but not daily just to be safe. If you really like protein shakes maybe try and egg white blend or a vegan protein. I just try to avoid things that are very processed. I hope these tips help you FitGirls to have a good experience in the gym and keep your skin nice and clear!

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