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Healthier Chic-fil-a Breakfast

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I posted this recipe in my story and everyone has been drooling over it! I've been getting messages like "save that recipe in your highlights" and "omg I can't wait to try this! So I wanted to hop on and add this recipe to my blog. I completely made up this recipe by myself because I'm always craving the chic-fil-a breakfast option that has a bagel, chicken, egg and cheese. It's so delicious but kinda high in calories and then when you get it with the side of hash browns and a frozen coffee... well there goes all your calories for the day lol. SO here's my version of the delicious sandwich with less calories! The bagels are gluten free whole grain but if you find a healthier option even better! One of my clients is actually brining me some homemade whole wheat bagels today so I'm going to try it with those too!

First Step:

Get a pack of chicken THIGHS - not chicken breasts. Chicken breasts get way too dry in the air fryer. Get a shallow bowl or Tupperware and fill it with wheat bread crumbs, season salt, and pepper. Then take your thighs and spray them with olive oil pam. Cover both sides in the crumbs and pop into your air fryer on the chicken setting.

Second Step:

While the chicken is frying, start making your egg patties. Just simply blend the yolk into the egg white in a bowl then put on the frying pan in a circle shape. Let it cook on medium to high heat and put some pink salt or sea salt and butter sprinkles. 

Third Step:

Toast your bagel and once they come out of the toaster spread LuAnn coconut oil on them for the buttery taste and lay a piece of cheese to get nice and gooey on the bagel.

Fourth Step:

Add the chicken once it's done and the egg patty and voila!! Deliciousness ready to go! 

I prepped 6 of these sandwiches and I was worried that once I reheated it in the microwave it might get a little soft, which it did but it tastes super delicious that way and even easier to eat on the go without all the crumbs!

Hope you guys enjoy this recipe and I will continue to add some more cool recipes for you while I'm off bikini prep!! Love you all! Thanks for following and reading!! <3

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