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What I take before, during, and after my workouts

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

🥛 Pre-workout - 45 min before the workout I do 1 1/3 scoop BSN Supplements strawberry isolate protein with 1 banana 30g oats water & ice (I pre-blend it at home the night before)

💪🏻 During Workout - 1 scoop #AminoX 1 scoop #Glutamine & 1 scoop #creatine - these are all for recovering the muscle.

🥛 Post-Workout - 45 min after the workout I do another 1 1/3 scoop strawberry isolate (I’ve been obsessed w/ the strawberry flavor in the summer cuz it’s more refreshing 😉) and 2 rice cakes

☝🏻Note that this is not what I would recommend for girls just looking to be fit and toned. As a professional #bodybuilder I am trying to put on muscle for competition. I usually recommend that my clients at least do amino acids during the workout and 1 scoop whey protein after the workout! And remember that supplements are Not a must to get results.. they are supplemental in helping the process 💪🏻😉.

I love BSN supplements because they taste great and are very good quality supplements! Shop on and use code LIZZIE15 for 15% off and free shipping!


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