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Train with Lizzie

As a gym owner, personal trainer, and professional bodybuilder, I have helped hundreds of women all over the world achieve their dream bodies. You can trust me to help you reach your fitness goals! My website is here for you as a resource to find the motivation you need whether it's an online training program, nutrition tips, recipes, supplement advice and more! Training available for in-home and in-gym. 



Customized nutrition plans designed based on a questionnaire you fill out. I can design any diet style you prefer - vegan, bodybuilding, lifestyle, paleo, keto etc.

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Healthy Recipes

As a professional bodybuilder I'm constantly searching for ways to make healthy food taste better! Check out some of my recipes!

About Me

I'm a military brat, christian girl who loves fitness! I own my own gym in El Paso Texas, personal trainer, and a professional bikini competitor

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Real People Real Results


I'd love to hear your feedback!

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