NOW is the MOST important time to get or stay fit and healthy!! Boost your immune system and get in the best shape of your life from the comfort of your own home! I (Lizzie Martinez) have created two different types of programs to do your workouts at home with no or minimal equipment!

Option 1: Book a ZOOM class - These classes are me coaching you through the zoom app. It's personalized to whatever equipment (or nothing) that you have available. These classes are awesome because you get to meet other girls and have quality human interactions while cheering each other on and supporting each other in the staying fit at home journey.I am there personally cheering you on and checking your form. By booking these classes you will also receive a free diet plan based on what you have stocked up in your house, and HIIT Cardio routines to do as extra credit! Once booked, I will text you a direct link to join the class!

Option 2: At Home Workout Plans - This one is a go-at-your-own time and pace by following the typed up workouts sent to you.There are two payment options: $30 a week for the program using ankle weights and bands and you'll get 4 workouts sent to you, or $50 a week customized to what you have program. You will also receive a dropbox full of instructional videos from me as well as a customized diet.

Includes the session at your home through zoom training. I work with whatever equipment you have available!
Zoom Personal Training
1 hr
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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