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Lizzie IFBBPro App Training

Lizzie IFBBPro App Training


Train with me through my new app!

This option is for online training for working out in your own gym or at home with equipment you have.


Once you purchase you'll be sent a link to download the questionnaire to fill out. You'll send me back the answers along with pictures in a bikini or sports and sports bra and pictures of your gym and then I create a 4 week online program...




💪🏻weight training (please specify how many days a week you want to train in your questionairre.) 

🎥 video demonstration videos on how to perform every exercise

🏃🏼‍♀️cardio plan

🍏customized nutrition plan or macro trackiing

💊supplement recommendations

🏋🏼‍♀️fit tips 

📲access to texting me anytime with questions and one 30 min phone call at the beginning of each plan for any questions you might have. 

📸weekly check-ins w pictures for adjustments in the plan 

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