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Bikini Competitor Training

Bikini Competitor Training


This program is for if you're interested in becoming a competitor. Once you purchase, a questionairre will automatically be sent to you for you to fill out and email back to me. Once you send me back the answers and pictures, I will get to work on designing a custom plan for you based on your goals and body part areas that need work.

Your plan will include 4 weeks worth of:

-Cardio programming

-Weight training workouts that are different everyday and customized to your certain areas that need work all sent through my app with video instructions for each exercise.

-Nutrition plan based on your food restrictions, allergies, etc and that have macro counts according to a daily calorie goal for you. Comes with a food exchange list as well so you don't have to always eat the same meal.

-A recommended supplement list

-Fitness tips including waist training, transdermal fat burners, water intake, cheat meals etc.

I recommend you buy this program 12-15 weeks out from a show. 

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