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Thinking about online training??

Sundays are for working on my online clients plans and checking in with them!

I love being able to reach out and help women all over the world reach their fitness goals! I have many plans available here on my website, but my most popular one is the customized plans. I can create plans based on whatever you have available at home or in the gym! The nutrition plans are also fully customized to your likes/dislikes allergies etc.

These are the questions I send out to every girl who signs up so I can fully customize their plan:



Phone number:


Current weight:

Lightest weight you’ve been and at what age (after 16):

Goal weight:

Do you have kids? If so, how many?

What diet plans have you’ve tried before? Were they successful / not successful?

Please list any previous injuries and how you currently feel with that area?

Food or supplement allergy and/or restrictions and/or dislikes:

Are you okay with taking supplements?

Anything I should know about like nursing?

How much time do you have per day to workout? Will you be working out in the morning or evening? (P.S. If you have 2 hours, give two hours!! I won’t make you do any more than that)

Do you know how to cook?

What’s your biggest food weakness?

If you’re a competitor, what show are you looking at doing?

What will you be using a full gym? At home? If so please provide pictures of what you’ll be using.

Please return answers and your pictures in a bikini or shorts and sports bra (front, side, and back views)

My online training is $150 for 4 weeks worth of workouts, cardio, and nutrition! I’ve had nothing but great feedback from my girls with their results! I’m always so proud to see girls taking the initiative to follow a plan! Message me if you have any more questions about online training! I’d love to help you reach your goals!

You can check it out here:


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