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Competitor Check-list

Here's everything you need to do and to pack in order to be completely ready for your upcoming bodybuilding competition!!


-Book your flight or arrange your traveling

-Book your hotel (Host hotel is always a great idea if it's your first show so you stay close to the competition)

-Register for the competition

-- Girls for the Denver show register here:

-- Boys for the Denver show register here:

-Buy your NPC Card. Register here:

-Book your tan. You can either go through the competition's spray tan or do on your own. For the Denver show they are using ELITE TAN Contact Christine Vaillancourt, ELITE TANNING, at 719.659.0857 or you can purchase tanning products to do on your own at Supplement Xpress as well.

-Book Hair and Makeup. The onsite makeup artist is there is also a makeup artist named Edith Gastelum on facebook that will be doing makeup and hair for the show.

-Buy your outfit. Whether its physique shorts, bodybuilding trunks, or bikini make sure you have it purchased and ready far ahead of time.


-Meals! Make sure you pack in ziplock baggies all your meals and carb up foods. This includes rice cakes, peanut butter, and your proteins that your coach tells you to eat. You can freeze these the day before and let them thaw on the way to your competition.

-Shower Cap- to protect your hair during spray tan

-Loose pajamas – sleep in these to protect your tan from smearing

-Robe- to wear around backstage. You get a little chilly in a bikini!

-Extra Sheets- use these so you don’t stain the hotel sheets with your spray tan

-Gloves- you might want disposable gloves for applying oils, tanning gel, etc.

-Business Cards- give to vendors/possible sponsors you want to work with

-Towel- use your towel so you don’t stain the hotel towels with spray tan

-Your competition suit

-Heels & Flip-Flops

-Driver's license

-Receipts or proof of purchases (hotel, npc card, registration etc)

-Camera & Chargers

-makeup for touch-ups extra lashes and glue

-hair supplies such as hair spray curling iron etc.


-Pump up bands just in case you can't get a hold of any of the backstage weights and bands.

-Your tanning products if you're doing it yourself make sure you get the overnight formula and the bronzing day of formula.

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