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Tips to continue Living Fit on the go!

Traveling can be hard on your health and fitness routine. Combine cramped seating, long lines at security gates, high priced airport food, flight delays, limited baggage, and seats packed with disease-ridden travelers and you have the perfect storm for weight gain! According to a study performed in the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, mice with jet lag had microbes in their gut altered by changing time zones, which in turn promoted obesity. Normal feeding patterns of the microbes are thrown off by crossing time zones, and it’s those microbes that control the metabolism toward fat storage. This study explains why shift workers and frequent fliers have symptoms like high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, poor blood sugar regulation and high inflammation.

Take these tips to stay fit on-the-go:

-Wear running shoes to the airport so you can move quickly through the airport and get some cardio in.

-Buy a traveling cooler like one I have pictured above on that you can easily carry as your carry on luggage, will pass TSA inspections and pack it with non-perishable items.

-Don’t forget to pack your gym gear to exercise in your hotel’s gym or ask your concierge for a day pass to the local gym near you.

-Research and print workouts from online, youtube, or on pinterest that you can perform either on your own in the hotel room or with dumbbells in the hotel gym, and have them ready to go! Make sure you choose a workout that is at your level because some may be too easy.

-Buy weighted bands that pack easily in your luggage and can be used pretty much anywhere. You can find great quality bands on and some come with printed exercises for you to perform on your own.

Non-perishable items to pack:

Grab a travel cooler and this check-list to pack healthy, and you won’t have to depend on airport food:

  • Stevia and coffee mate to go creamer

  • Tuna or wild salmon with a pull open top so you don’t need a can opener

  • Powdered peanut butter to mix into oatmeal or on rice cakes

  • Rice Cakes

  • Quick cooking oatmeal

  • Shaker Bottle with protein powder in it just add water

  • Protein Bars – Quest or Think Thin brand

  • Coconibs

  • Nuts

  • Emergen-C

  • Utensils

  • Lunchables P3 snack pack

  • Beef Jerky

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