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F.D.O.E. (Full Day Of Eating)

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

While going into prep I've been really trying to mix it up this time with my meals as after years of doing this, it can get kind of stale -_- ... I've figured out easy ways to keep meals very clean and taste delicious! Here are all my meals in a full day of eating with the easy to make recipes!!

Meal #1: Oatmeal & Egg whites pancake Recipe: Mix in a blender 1/4 cup whole oats, 1 cup egg whites, cinnamon (a lot) and ground cloves (a little). Spray pan with Pam and fry til hardened on both sides. Serve with sunflower butter topping. *You can make this dish more delish by using coconut oil as butter and sugar free syrup but since I’m on prep I am currently not using those things ;)

Meal #2

Chicken Green Beans & sweet potato


4 oz Chicken - baked at 425 degrees for 20 min then flip and cut on the fatty side and bake another 10 min. I just put sea salt and lemon pepper for seasoning.

3 oz Sweet potatoes - just peel or peel and cut then wrap in tin foil and leave in slow cooker for 6-8 hrs on low depending on how many you’re cooking.

Green beans and cauliflower pearls - I buy these pre-packaged and just grill them up in a wok with olive oil and sea salt until mushy and and a little browned.

Meal #3

Ground turkey tacos


4 oz Ground turkey - we grill these up in a wok with sea salt and pepper and a few different seasonings we switch between.

Bell pepper onions and mushroom mix - I just buy pre packaged chopped bell pepper and onion mix then throw in a box of sliced mushrooms and grill in wok with olive oil, sea salt, and taco seasoning.

Then put mix on top of two corn tortillas with 1/2 an avocado and sea salt on the avocado.

Meal #4

Chicken and brown rice Asian mix


4 oz chicken - same as above

1/4 cup brown rice ( I just microwave minute rice )

& the green bean mix.

I throw some liquid aminos on top for an Asian taste.

Meal #5

Ground turkey & sweet potato with asparagus


The ground turkey and sweet potato are made same as above on the other meals

Asparagus - baked at 425 for 20 min. I spread them out on a baking sheet and drizzle olive oil and lemon juice with sea salt.

Meal #6

egg whites and avocado


5 egg whites scrambled with 2 oz avocado and sprinkled with sea salt.

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