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The big debate when going into reaching your fitness goals is to hire a trainer or not. There are many benefits to hiring a trainer such as someone teaching you proper form, holding you accountable, and pushing you through a workout. But now-days, thanks to technology, there are a lot more options out there when it comes to reaching that fitness goal. Here's a few tips and some beneficial reasons on getting set up with an online trainer…

A lot of people on social media such as Instagram will now offer "Online Training." But not every program is the same and some are not very qualified. Just because they’re your favorite “Instagram model” does not mean they know how to be a personal trainer. Make sure the trainer is certified and the program is legit. Ask what is included in the program. It’s great to find one that has a diet that is tailored to the workout program. The workout programs usually should come with a demonstration picture or video, if not, you can usually look up the workouts online.

A big benefit of online training is definitely the cost. While personal trainers usually price range from $20 an hour, up to $80 an hour, this can start to add up if you want to do multiple days a week. With online training costs can start anywhere from $40-$300 for a whole plan that can last you several weeks and include a diet. Trainers usually charge extra for diet plans etc.

Another benefit to online training is that you can go on your own time. You don’t have to have a set schedule so you can get your training in whenever you feel like. This is great for people like nurses who have a very unsteady schedule.

Accountability is also an important part to getting a trainer, so if the person you’re purchasing the program from is just going to send you a program without communication, then it’s probably not your best bet. Make sure you can ask the trainer or the program questions and be able to communicate with them through email or phone.

Think before you buy. Make sure the program is for your goals and for a type of workout you enjoy. Some programs are weight-training at the gym, some are more cardio based, and some are made for at home workouts. But before purchasing a program, ask yourself the essential question… Can you really hold yourself accountable? Don’t buy a program if you’re not going to follow it to a T and give it your all. And most importantly enjoy the process of learning how you can reach your fitness goals efficiently.

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