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Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions! Start doing this…

Well, in 2017 I said I wanted to exercise more and eat better, and I was motivated for 3 weeks, then life got in the way, and I kinda let it go…” Sound Familiar? Most of us try to start fitness resolutions and think of an extreme ideal, then fall off the wagon and try to forget we ever said anything. Instead of going through that same old cycle of creating hollow resolutions that never get fulfilled, lets be realistic! Here’s a few tips to do a “No Resolution” resolution: Tip 1: Forget “Motivation”. A lot of us end up using the excuse of “I don’t have the willpower” or “I’m just not that motivated”, and that’s not really how us, as humans, work. Start by coming to an understanding with our crazy irrational brains. We are creatures of habit. We are products of our environment. We become like the people we associate ourselves with. By creating systems and habits in our lives, our bodies can adapt and accomplish faster and easier, instead of waiting to feel motivated. So for example instead of trying to eat healthy every day all year, try to start by just cooking a healthy dish each night that you will take on the go with you for lunch 5 days a week. Little by little you can work your way up to also having a healthy breakfast ready etc. Or instead of trying to get a workout in every single day, try to schedule a session with a trainer or someone to hold you accountable, 3 times a week. Tip 2: Create a new habit. By setting short term goals, your brain is more likely to cooperate. Like the example above, start working out 3 times a week. Eventually you will make it a habit and three times a week will become easy for you. When you feel you are ready to kick it up a notch, add one more day, and so on until eventually you’re doing something everyday. Tip 3: Create space between you and the influences. Ever heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind?” This saying goes very true when kicking out bad habits, and creating new healthy ones. So clear out all the junk food from the cabinets. But your alarm clock across the room, so you have to get up and go workout. Stop listening to that girl in the office always talking about food. Etc. Tip 4: Decrease the steps between you and the good habit. Stock your fridge with healthy things to eat. Pack your gym bag in the car ahead of time so you’re always ready. Sleep in your workout clothes so you can wake up and go. All these things make it easier for you to continue forming that habit better. Tip 5: Form a group of allies. Now that you have a plan in place, it’s time to recruit teammates to help. This could mean joining a running group, or starting a group text of friends also going for the same goals. Because we become the average of the people we surround ourselves with, we should surround ourselves with happy, fit, and successful people so that we are subtly influenced in that direction. 2018 is going to be a big year for you. You’re not going to rely on a “resolution” or “motivation” to start you in the right direction. You’re not going to fail at a “too large” goal. You’re going to slowly but surely move forward to reach a long term goal, and feel successful and satisfied! 2017 is your year for the “no resolution” resolution.

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