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My Sanctuary

I truly believe everyone needs to find their sanctuary.. a place whether in your home or outdoors.. that you can go to daily to connect with God. Mine is right here.. on this old beat up treadmill. To accomplish a goal you have to have your mind set on a bigger purpose in order to truly be successful. Here on the treadmill every morning I start my day in prayer and planning. As you can see I have my morning (cold) coffee on the side that I sip through the run. I have a picture above me that says “start each day with a grateful heart.” This reminds me to thank God for how blessed I am every single day. I also have an open bible to remind me to live by God’s word daily. There’s also cute pictures of Shane and I - He’s a big part of my prayers because I know he’s my soulmate!

Maybe you’re new to prayer and don’t know where to start, so I’d like to share with you my prayers so you can have ideas and also a big plus +++ it distracts you from feeling fatigued on your run!!

🙏🏻Lizzie’s Daily Prayer🙏🏻

1) First I thank God for my life... for being born in the U.S. with opportunity. I thank him that I am healthy, that I have every ability to hear, see, smell, taste, and feel. That I have a roof over my head and food to eat.

2) I thank him for keeping me safe while I run. That he is constantly healing me and preventing any injuries. I go through this with every body part and really try to feel it. I pray: “God thank you for healing my feet, my ankles, my shins, my calves etc.” Take your time and really feel the healing. I also say “I know this run is taking bad harmful cells out of my body and they are being replaced with new strong energetic cells”. This I do to pray against cancer cells being in my body.

3) I pray for people. First I pray for Shane. I thank God for him and pray over any struggle he might be facing. I pray for each family member of mine and the specifics of what they’re going through. For example my nephew was told he might have a slight autism problem. Every day I prayed “I rebuke autism from Aidan’s life in the name of Jesus Christ” and thank God it seems he’s healed!!

4) I pray over the gym and my clients. Sometimes on a long run I’ll pray over each and everyone of my 40 clients and what they’re going through. Sometimes I’m like a therapist to them and I always know what’s going on in their lives so I believe God entrusted me with that purpose to help and pray for others.

5) I thank God for the time I had with my Mom before she passed away. There’s been a few times that when I get to this prayer and I’m on a runners high that tears just stream down my face and a presence is felt so close. - this is always amazing.

6) Any issues I personally am dealing with I ask him for help and he ALWAYS comes through! So I thank him for always taking care of my problems - Even before they are actually resolved. This leaves you with a sense of peace knowing everything will be okay!

🙏🏻I truly believe my life is moving forward and becoming greater than I could have ever imagined because of my prayer life. Your prayer time doesn’t have to be in a run, it can be a walk, or doing yoga, or simply in a quiet spot of your home with some coffee. Just start with maybe 3 times a week taking 30 min to an hour doing this and watch how amazing you'll feel! Eventually you'll want to make sure you do it everyday!

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