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It's the holidays and you're feeling a lot less motivated… Now what? Here’s a few tricks to help you stay motivated through the holidays and onto your new years goals!

Plan a trip:

Planning a summer get-away is a great way to stay motivated these next few months. Pick a place you’ll know you’ll be wearing a swimsuit, and start working those abs!! Invite some friends on your trip and workout together to hold each other accountable to look good for your vacay.

Schedule a photo shoot:

You don’t have to be a model to do a photo shoot. There are plenty of new photographers around town that will do work for free to gain experience. A picture is forever and if you set a goal to look your best for a photo shoot, you’re sure to stay motivated. Have fun with it, and maybe use it as a gift for your significant other, just to keep in your personal collection, or a new Facebook profile pic!

Reward Yourself:

This doesn’t mean to eat a box of chocolates, if your resolution was to eat healthier. Find another way to celebrate your success, without contradicting your resolution. For example, buy some new tennis shoes to hit the gym, or by going to a movie with a friend.

Don’t deprive yourself:

Keep your goals realistic. Don’t take things to the extreme or your motivation will die down. If you made a resolution like “I want to lose 15 lbs stat!” instead change it to “3 lbs a month until I reach my goal.” This way is more maintainable and you’ll be able to have those little cheat meals here and there without beating yourself up.

Track your progress:

Keeping a journal to track your body measurements, or an eating log to stay on track is a great way to maintain motivation. When you see the results in pen and paper, you’ll know what you’re doing is working! Also taking weekly selfies and comparing them each week is a great way to stay motivated and really see the changes you’re making.


Here’s a fun treadmill and floor workout to mix up your routine and keep you motivated!

On Treadmill:

5 min walk incline 10 speed 2.5

2 min walking lunges incline 8 speed 1.5

2 min walking with kickback incline 5 speed 1.5

1 min run incline 1 speed 4.5 or higher

Off Treadmill:

1 min high knees

1 min jump rope

1 min mountain climbers

1 min plank hold on elbows

1 min squats or jumping squats

(Repeat Treadmill & floor routine 2 rounds for a 30 minute workout and eventually work your way up to 4 rounds for an hour cardio workout!)

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