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Fall Fitness Fashion

Here in El Paso, we have it hard in the fall… In the mornings we’re freezing cold and by noon burning up! It can be hard to figure out how to layer our “gym look” especially when you know you’re going to heat up in the gym. Here are a few of my favorite fitness fashions for this upcoming fall/winter season.

Look 1: Warm tights with a hoodie sports bra.

The pink tights are thick textured keeping your legs warm and these pictured here from lululemon are reversible... the other side is black – two pants for the price of one! I love this sports bra with a hoodie that makes it look more wintery even when you’re actually hot. This sports bra I found at Lady Foot Locker. I paired it with my newest gym accessory – A Gallon Gear. I found these online and they make youre galloon or half gallon of water into a convenient purse! You can hold your phone, keys, chapstick, etc. all in one place! Take it in the gym and leave your clunky purse behind! Purchase one on Use code "LIZZIEM" to get 15% off.

Look 2:

Turn summer outfit into winter.

Turn your favorite summer outfit into a winter look by adding some knee high socks! I’m loving this pair from lululemon. You can still wear those cute shorts to the gym without freezing on the way. I usually wear a short pair of socks underneath so I can take off the long socks when I warm up. A zip-up jacket is a great way to cover up a sports bra while you’re out and about and then quickly take it off when you’re at the gym. Jacket is lululemon and this supportive sportsbra is by Nike.

Look 3:

From the football game to the gym.

I grabbed this vintage A&M football crop top from my Mom’s closet and paired with a matching pair of maroon cropped leggings. Cropped hoodies are very in-style this season so grab your matching hoodie on the way over if it gets chilly at the game but still showing off those abs! The converse shoes are a great way to go from game straight to the gym.

Keep fit this holiday season by staying motivated in these awesome yet comfy styles!

For more fall/winter fitness fashion and fitness tips to stay fit over the holidays head on over to my blog at

Photo Credit: Drew D. Beckley

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