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Is Waist-Training Safe?

^Watch my YouTube Vlog for my waist training recommendations^

For centuries now, waist-training trends have come in and out of popular culture. Corsets started being used as a fashion trend in 1300 as a laced bodice to wear under dresses and have been evolving as fashion trends have changed.

As all women try what they can to achieve that hour-glass shape, one must question… Is it safe? I personally have used waist training techniques and I want to explain the different waist trainers, how to safely use them, and what some side effects may be.

First, the most safe type of waist training, is wearing a neoprene waist trimmer while doing cardio and weight training. This is made of a material that makes you sweat more around the waist. So promoting sweating will help trim out water weight and help your abs pop out.

Secondly, and an also very safe trainer, is a fitness waist belt trimmer. There are brands such as ‘TecnoMed’ that tighten around your waist with Velcro and have flexible bars of support for your lower back lining the back. These waist trainers are great to use during weight training because they will keep your body aligned, protect your lower back, and help your abs to work and cinch together while training. If you waist train at least 3 times a week with one of these trainers, you can lose a few inches around the waist!

Thirdly, for a dramatic waist cinch there are latex waist trimmers. These are to be used only during the day under clothes, not for cardio or weight training as they can be hard to breathe in. There are side effects when wearing these such as acid reflux, or damage to your stomach. And although I do believe they work, they only work as a temporary fix. I recommend using these about 6 hours a day and not too extreme for a week and up to 6 weeks if you’re getting ready for an event, or competition, or being out in a bikini.

All these waist trainers are available on different websites and Amazon. Here’s a few extra pointers make your waist training a success:

  • Doubling up during waist trainers using a neoprene wrap under the fitness waist belt helps speed up the process.

  • Wearing a lotion such as Sweet Sweat or Ab FX under your neoprene while doing cardio, promotes even more sweat.

  • If you have sensitive skin cut a tank top bottom off and wear it under the latex waist trainer during the day so you don’t break out.

  • When you have an event coming up, sleep in the neoprene waist wrap to promote fat loss over night.

  • Remember that waist training will not get you “skinny”, it only helps promote a tone and shape. You have to also eat clean and workout.

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